Manchester United col long sleeve ronaldo manchester united jersey lection 2011-12

Manchester United col  long sleeve ronaldo manchester united jersey  lection 2011-12

 Manchester United Nike apparel collection 11-12

In Nike’s promotional activities they produce athlete photos in order to makeHaiti National Team Jerseys the link between the player and the gear for sale. The players chosen to fe manchester united jersey daraz ature in these photos are almost exclusively player wearing Nike footwear. In the case of Manchester United the players picked for the job: Ferdinand. Hernandez. Rooney. Evra.

Manchester United Nike collection 11-12

The collection is broken down into three categories or silos:

The leisure wSouth Korea National Team Jerseysear / match day gear as symbolized by Rio Ferdinand.

The training wear worn by Hernandez Chicharito.

The playing kit present manchester united jersey new ed by Wayne Rooney.

Man Utd collection broken down into 3 silos

The various backgrounds borrow heavily from the most sacred and most typical places in the Poland National Team Jerseysworld of football.

The stadium. The field whether being the training field or the pitch at the stadium manchester united jersey png . And here below the locker room or the dressing room.

Manchester United training gear locker room

Manchester United away kit 11-12. The photos must have been shot before May 2011 since they have decided to equip the jerseys with standard EPL badges rather than the gold Champs badges 10/11 which the club proudly wears this season. The short number barely visible is clearly the EPL standard style and size. So the photos have been made to resem female manchester united jersey ble matchday action.

Manchester United away kit 11-12 Evra on pitch

And another distinctive look at the new Manchester United favorite Javier Hernandez. This time featured out on the training pitch with the statist frame in the backgroundScotland National Team Jerseys to emphazise the context.

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Man Utd training field Javier Hernandez manchester united jersMorocco National Team Jerseysey ireland

No portray series is complete without the player tunnel leading to the pitch.

In this case featuring Pat Evra.

Man Utd away kit proudly worn by Evra featured in the player's tunnel

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