Who Should Be on the P full sleeve manchester united jersey lane for the USA?

Who Should Be on the P  full sleeve manchester united jersey  lane for the USA

You may be thinking, what’s a smile got to do with a game of football! I thought so, on hearing Ole yap about Fred. Maybe because he’s such a smiley himself, often seen smiling after humiliating defeats, one would think yeah man, he really values a smile. Alright, smiles aside. What about “exceptional personality” and the “attitude to football”? I’ve seen Fred play for the past 3 years and I’ve questioned his ability to be a footballer. Fred has no personality, neither is he a character who can call the players to rally nor is he someone who can lead by example. Most of what he does really makes you think if there is nobody else in that squad who can do any better.


Well, that’s about Ole and it says a lot about who he is and what he brings to the club. 3 years ago, when Ole came in and the team played with a swagger that hadn’t existed for a long long time, I believed in Ole — the manager. But my joy was short lived. People say he is a man manager, I doubt that. If he was so good at it, why did Lukaku leave? Had to go to China to get a striker! What about Sergio Romero? The Argentine was arguably the most dependable between the sticks in the cup competitions. Gone! Donny’s lament on the bench and Pogba’s long coming departure. If Ole was the perfect man manager which all his buddies, Neville, Rio and those media lots have said, then he wouldn’t have lost such quality. Ole and the jokers with them are bad influence, poor tactically and otherwise too.



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